9 Jan

Being Open-Minded Has Allowed Good Changes to Come into My Life

I have let many opportunities in life pass me by because I’m stubborn, but I decided to keep my mouth shut when my husband explained that he wanted to move us to another country. I knew that I needed to let him shine with his job and go along with him for the ride. We were lucky enough to get one of the remaining units for sale at the Singapore New Futura when we got there. I spent the first few weeks in our new residence making it feel like a home. I wanted him to have a nice place to come to each night after work, and I used the time to contemplate how I should fill my time in the future here in this country that was so new to me.

I’ve been pretty outspoken in our marriage in the past, and I think a lot of that has to do with fear. When my husband has come up with new things to add to our life, I have often been negative and tried to shun new things. This is not fair to him and has been pretty selfish of me. As luck would have it, I began taking a closer look at how I was treating him and started thinking more about just going with the flow. Just weeks after I started working on this in my life, he announced that he’d really like me to think about the two of us moving to Singapore. I had reservations because a new country seemed really scary, but I told myself to support his choice, and I’m glad that I did.

While working on setting up our new home, I got to meet new people at the different businesses that I frequented to buy things that we needed. This helped me to become more comfortable with getting to know people. There hasn’t been one person I’ve met here who has been unwelcoming or unfriendly. Most people have been curious and kind. I ended up getting a retail position at one of the stores I frequented, and I now feel like I will do just fine here.